About Dowites78

A Unique Enterprise

Fast Facts

  • Inaugrated Sep 12, 2007
  • Founder Dowites 78
  • Annual Budget Rs. 30 million
  • Area 56,000 sq.ft.
  • Location Civil Hospital Karachi
  • Registrations 2006
  • Surgical Procedures 89,949
  • Diagnostic Procedures 19626

The concept of developing an operation theatre complex by the 1978 graduates of the Dow Medical College has proved to be better than the dreams itself. As the counter of all zero cost surgeries for the patient is increasing, the prospect for even better treatment of poor patients is also on the rise.

About forty thousand surgeries have been performed in different disciplines in the O.T Complex. This has been achieved through the combined effort of the Civil Society which includes the philanthropists whose unconditional support has carried the project through. Despite many hard times, the sympathetic corporate and the untiring team has all earned their place of honor in this project.

Out of total number of fourteen theatres, six are in the capacity of general surgeries, two under ophthalmology, two for ENT, two for gynecology and rest two of specialist surgeries. To broaden the horizon of available discipline and maximize the number of surgeries, we wish to see all theatres functioning, for which we need regular funds to meet requirements like the purchase of disposables and other related machinery and equipments.

The hospital administration has been patronizing and supportive. Yet, like the proverbial poor mother, it has seventy five other children to look after. The financial constraints overwhelm our desire to provide state-of the art quality surgery to the poor patients. This city is known for its God fearing and caring peoples. It is here that the civil society can step in and share the burden for better outcomes of the poor and the needy that comes to Civil Hospital.

The Dowites78 Operation Theatre Complex consists of 14 Operation Theatres, each having about 400 sq.ft. space and is attached with an anesthesia induction room, scrub area, exit lobby and a store. Operation Theatres have been equipped with requisite modern equipments. Medical gases and suction are centralized. All operation theatres are equipped with the modern Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) system units having antibacterial filters and 6 air changes per hour. The system is in line with international standards. The recovery area , consists of two suites and is located between the two wings of theatres. It has a capacity to manage 21 post operative patients at a time. Continuous service for ongoing surgery has become possible with the provision of 450 KVA diesel power generator along with an underground diesel reservoir having capacity of 7,000 liters.

There are two autoclave working in the Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD), and the latest addition is the installation of Ethylene Oxide plant to economize the cost of disposables. Outsourcing of HVAC system, biomedical department, telephone exchange, security, closed circuit television - CCTV cameras, maintenance of elevators and the presence of high tech staff is all possible at reasonable expense. The supplemental in- house janitorial department to keep the complex immaculate also needs further support.

An auditorium with a seating capacity of 200 is built on the third floor of OT Complex. Live demonstration of surgical procedures from any of the OTs can be performed with two way audio communication between the surgeon in the OT and audience sitting in the auditorium. The O.T Complex is conducting seminars and live surgical conferences, workshops, teaching session, lectures and monthly clinical meetings, that are attended by students, doctors, and both national and international delegates.

An Ophthalmologic Diagnostics Suit and an Endoscopic Suit are fully functional.

In future we plan to connect O.T Complex with the rest of medical world using high speed internet for two way interactive conferences and training of surgeons at their work places or homes. Building of this mammoth project was an uphill task;its continuous functioning is challenging job and a unique experience.


Various pieces of art work donated by renowned artists of Pakistan are displayed in our Gallery. Visit our link on Facebook to purchase their awestruck artistic work and become a part of this benevolent activity.
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