Our Mission

We're a non-profit organization established by 1978 graduates of the Dow Medical College providing free surgeries to people in Karachi. We do it without compromising our patient's dignity. Sign up to get email updates about our work:

Over 14,000 surgeries per annum worth Rs. 30 million at no cost to our patients.

With 14 state of the art operation theatres, modern medial equipments and facilities, all catering to international standards in healthcare, the Operation Theatre Complex, built at a cost of Rs. 300 million, was a dream for the Dow Medical College graduating class of 1978 who realized the desperate need for quality surgical facilities for the underprivileged in Karachi.

Today, the OT Complex provides general surgery, pediatric, ophthalmological, laparoscopic, gynecological, ENT, oral & maxillofacial, vascular and plastic surgery services.

Our Objectives

91,325 surgeries performed
  • To Provide State-of-The-Art operation facilities to the underprivileged.
  • Free of Cost operation to all needy patients coming to Civil Hospital Karachi.
  • Professionally qualified human resource development through teaching and training facilities.
  • Poverty alleviation through good health and education.
  • Research and development activity.



Various pieces of art work donated by renowned artists of Pakistan are displayed in our Gallery. Visit our link on Facebook to purchase their awestruck artistic work and become a part of this benevolent activity.
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